We are tired of wrong grammar & wrong key Reggae/Dancehall artistes – King Lagazee speaks

Ghana DJ Awards 2016 Reggae/Dancehall DJ of the Year, King Lagazee, who hosts “Lagazee Soundz International” on Hitz 103.9fm has made some revealing comments on his social media page on Wednesday, April 26 about the Ghana Reggae/Dancehall indtsry. Below were his words:

“Almost 99.9% of Jamaican Artists who are making big waves now started with Sound Systems, they sing on versions for years without any record on tape.

The songs they record get buzz already in the dance before they go and put it on record. That’s why, when all those artists are performing, they sound exactly as how they did it on the record, because of the continuous practice. So you see how powerful Sound System Culture helped these artistes.

Now in Ghana, a lot of our artistes are studio artistes and even with that, they master their Lyrics before recording, hence cut and paste recording.

They go to shows to sing over their own songs and even with that a lot of them don’t do it properly. Some of these artistes step on stage with wrong key and wrong grammar and they can’t even perform for 30minutes, they will run out of breath and unless we call the ambulance.

To solve this problem stands on the Selectors who are hired to play those stage shows, don’t allow these artistes to come sing over their songs but rather give them versions to sing their songs on it.

We are sick and tired of these fast food artistes in Ghana.”



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