List of Ghanaian Musicians making big strides in South Africa – @NiiAyiMensahL writes

Sarkodie, R2bees, Mzvee and Stonebwoy making Ghana proud in South Africa
Ghanaian for some years now have seen the essence of appreciating their local artiste and for that matter music made in Ghana.
Gone are the days where we shunned our local music and TV and radio programmes bombarded us with foreign materials. this has changed because of the timely intervention of Ghanaian musicians and stakeholders  
For this reason i took time to find out which of these musicians are penetrating the African music market. With my attention on South Africa which also happens to be the most developed country on the continent, I had a chat with a colleague female entertainment journalist and blogger from the country to find out which Ghanaian artistes are making it in South African.
Kay Tatyana Selisho revealed to me that it is just a handfull of South African who take time out  to listen and enjoy music from other African countries, she stated that music from other African countries especially Ghana are not popular in S.A because the mainstream media do not provide such content to the masses.
However she mention arguably Ghana’s rap king  Sarkodie, one of the best music group Ghana has ever produced R2bees, the tiptoe goddess Mzvee, and the potential Grammy awards nominees Stonbwoy as names of Ghanaian artistes who are a little know in South Africa.
The Media Girl Chronicle blogger emphasized among these artistes listed above, Sarkodie is the most popular. 
“not that many as there are pockets of fans who take the time out to appreciate music from other countries. Especially if it is not fed to them via mainstream media.”
“Off the top of my head (and you’d need to correct me if I’m getting their regions wrong) but I’d say Sarkodie, R2Bees, Mz Vee and Stonebwoi are a little popular here. Especially Sarkodie”
Kay Tatyana Selisho is a renowned South African journalist and blogger who has worked with  Live Magazine SA as Digital Editor, Times Media Group as a journalist and she is currently the content creator at Media Girl Chronicle.
(Story: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey)



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